How to Get Rid of Ants, One of the Messy Pests at Home

Ants: we all know are one of biggest problem specially in summers when they come out from ground and start entering in

Team of ants.

our house from all different ways. It can be a tiny hole in floor, wall, corner from doors, windows or could be ceiling of the house. We usually see black ants & sometime red ants which can fly. Pest extermination is something which is not a cup of tea for everyone. Here are few suggestions to get rid of this problem.

Good sanitation practice

This is one of the essential practices to do in order to keep ants away. Make your home unattractive for ants. They like mess so keeping home tidy will resist their entry in your house at certain point. Keep trash, crumbs, sink and garbage clean all the time. Use cleaning spray to wipe out the cooking and dining area. Make sure all food stuff – especially anything which is sweet should be store in tightly sealed jars and zip-lock bags. They can get into things such as honey jar that have some drops around the lid, so best way would be keeping the jar in a zip-lock bag. It will protect it ants sticking to it.

Ways to find the nest

o-HOW-TO-GET-RID-OF-ANTS-facebookUsually carpenter ants reside in wood and dig through it. The best sign to look for it is little piles of very well saw dust the leftovers of the timber they have chew up through. You will usually find carpenter ant residence in damp moist wood in wood piles foundations, decks, near to your house, tree trunks and gaps between boards, etc. If you take little time to find out where ants are coming into the house, you will find it easy to track them back to the nest. It’s quite easier if you can kill all the ants in sight, and then look for new group of ants to appear to decide their general entry spot. This can give clues to gap that need to close up fast, rotting base where they are living, or cracks under doors they are roaming in.

Observing patterns

Where are they going? Where the group is located? Which are the preferred areas? Freestanding water such as I little wet tissue can attracts thousands of ants. Cross ventilation is important in wet areas for drying the moisture .Wiping kitchen sink on regular basis specially in summers or when you see ants coming to your home Inspect the house inside and outside as they also make the hole bigger and keep digging.

Depositphotos_42737507_sSpraying vinegar and water mixture

Spraying mixture of water and white vinegar in entry and in nest of ants is an effective way to keep the ants away as it has quite strong cent which resist ants entry in home. Spray in all corner and moist area including under kitchen sink. Plain vinegar is mainly used for this purpose but if you have apple cider you can use that as well. Mix half water and half vinegar in spray bottle, shake well and spray. It’s pretty easy to use.

Natural Pest Control


Natural pest control is the safest methods for saving your garden. It is safe for your home, garden and wild life as well. It is a less expensive method than buying and selling pesticides. It also safe for your family and very prevalent in North America. There are numerous North Americans who use it to save their garden, wild life and family. Insecticides develop from contaminated water and polluted garden. They spoil the soil and stop the growth of plants in the garden. It spoils the complete growth of plants and affects the garden area.


The easiest way to prevent insect from your garden is to stop them at the first stage to save your garden. It will give healthy life to your garden and enhance the beauty of it. It will be helpful to fresh and healthy environment in your garden.

  • natural-pest-control-960x450Remove Weak Plants – It is very necessary to remove weak plants from the garden to save all the plants in the garden area. They may affect other plants and spoil the garden.
  • Healthy Organic Soil Building – We have to always put healthy organic soil for the maximum and fast growth of plants. They can be made by natural composting methods, mulching and top dressing the soil with compost and natural fertilizers.
  • Seaweed Mulch or Spray – There has to be timely seaweed mulch and spray in the garden for the long life of plants. Seaweed contains trace elements like iron, sulpher, zinc , calcium which is necessary for the development of plants.
  • Minimize Insect Habitat – A gardener should keep checking the plants time to time for get them save from insects. He should cut the area of debris and weeds which are the places of insect’s growth.
  • Interplant and Rotate Crops – Always plants and crops are planted in mixed manner. It will stop the breeding of pests near crops and help in faster and safely growth of plants.
  • Disinfect – It is very important for gardener to clean the tools before moving onto other garden.

Natural Solutions to Pest Problems

  1. Mix baking soda and sugar in equal parts and powdered them to spread over the area. You will see after sometime all roaches will be disappear. It is good roach killer.
  2. Boric acid is an effective killer for roaches and insects which grow themselves. You have to just spread half table spoon of boric acid and roaches will disappear automatically.variable-ladybird-550
  3. Cloves are natural deterrent against winged pests and the smell is also good. They are better than moth balls.
  4. We can kill fungus growth and insects by the use of neem oil and vegetable oil. It can sometime use on the spot to affect bees. You have to just add neem oil to water and spread it over the affected area.
  5. We can burn citronella candles for mosquito control and it helps the pesky critters.
  6. If you want to keep your garden green and healthy use organic lawn fertilizers. It will also defend itself from weeds and lawn pests.

Natural Pest Control for the Little Bugs

spider-mite-control1Justas times have changed so has the approach been to pest control. Now, one can pick a pest and find a natural control also for it. Normal pest control is less pricey and it is also safe for the garden and for the family. Research has shown that people in North America used one hundred and thirty six million pounds on insecticides in their lawns and gardens and homes.

To prevent the use of pest control items the first thing to do is to deject them from coming into the garden. For this a healthy garden is the answer. The following steps need to be taken.

  • Remove all weak plants as they are already infected and can also invite other predators. Pull and throw them far away from the garden.
  • It is necessary to build natural healthy organic soil so as to provide thick natural growth.
  • It is advisable to clear the garden free of debris thus minimizing insect habitat for breeding purposes.
  • Pests are seen to be plant specific. In such cases it is best to rotate the crop which means changing the plants so as to avoid infestation.
  • It is necessary to water the plants earlier in the day so that the garden is dry for most of the day. A wet garden definitely attracts insects.

Non Toxic and homemade remedies:

This beautiful Maine garden produces fabulous food and bountiful blooms.

There are many homemade remedies that can be used as pest control. They usually use non toxic products such as garlic for example which can be blended with water and later sprayed on the plants. Some of the remedies are as follows

  • For removing mites mix two tablespoons of hot pepper sauce with a few drops of ivory soap in water. Put in a spray bottle and spray.
  • For slugs, earwigs and soft bodied pests sprinkle diatomaceous earth over the plants. The particles of the earth are very small and sharp and are harmful to the exoskeleton system of the soft bodied pests. It is important to remember that it is a mechanical killer and not a chemical one.
  • Powdery mildew is mostly found on plants and the best cure is to mix equal parts of water and milk and spray.

xcaterpillars-eating-leaf.jpg.pagespeed.ic.m4jY001ID_Warm weather always brings bugs. One can handle a few ants or silverfish but when they come in droves one reaches out for the spray. This approach is quite harmful to the family as it is considered quite high handed. Some pesticides can increase thyroid and liver cancer, damage male reproductive organs and reduce the chances of fertility.

Ants can find their way to any form of food and so it is very important to cover their invisible trail with vinegar, eucalyptus, peppermint and clove oil. For cupboards powder cinnamon, pepper or paprika can be used to cover the trail.

 It is very important to keep pesticides away from infants and children as their internal organs are still developing and hence they are very sensitive to such exposure. So it is always better to play safe at home and in the garden.

Natural Pest Control- a must for every home

Pests have become an integral part of every home both rural and urban. As mentioned earlier ants, flies and mosquitoes are just about everywhere. One can just try any or everything but they still seem to be all over the house. In fact there is no corner of any house that has not been invaded by these pests. Let us now look at some other pests that are here, there and everywhere.

Kaldari_Salticus_scenicus_female_01Spiders: This household pest is seen in different shapes, size and color .Every home has them in the coziest of corners. The best way to do without them is to make a mixture of peppermint oil with liquid detergent and water. The mixture can then be sprayed on cobwebs, corners, lawns and gardens. A combo of coconut oil and white vinegar works very well as a repellant for spiders. It has been noticed that spiders thrive in dark spaces or cluttered places. Hence it should be seen that lesser the places to hide the fewer are the chances of having spiders in the house.

506a3452dbd0cb305d001303._w.1500_s.fit_Dust Mites: These are microscopic like structures that are found in every house. It is most commonly found on beds, clothing, books and stuffed toys. For persons suffering from asthma these microscopic mites are a hazard. The best way to treat them is to wash the bedding at a temperature of fifty five degrees. If the temperature is less than that then it will have no impact on the mites. Stuffed toys should be washed regularly with hot water. Tannic acid reduces the allergens in the mites. It is best to avoid using humidifiers as the mites thrive on warmth.

indexCockroaches; This is one insect that can survive for five days even after the head has been removed. The best way to keep cockroaches out is to keep the kitchen and bathroom spotless .It is advisable to use a vacuum to clean the house. Use of strong detergents can also prove useful. Catnip is a natural repellant for cockroaches. Spraying cockroaches with soapy water can kill them. Cucumber slices, bay leaves and garlic can also serve as deterrents

indexBed Bugs: These are insects that are found commonly in homes and even at times brought in from outside. Nights stay in a hotel can bring in bed bugs into your homes. The best way to keep the house bed bug free is to apply non toxic di tomaceous earth around the bed. All beddings should be washed in hot water at a temperature of one twenty degrees. This will kill any bed bugs in the bedding. Total vacuuming of the bedroom needs to be done if one comes to know that there are bed bugs in the room.

Other insects that are common are wasps, wasps, silverfish and stink bugs. Let us face it. We are surrounded by insects both inside and outside the house. The one thing in common is that to keep the surroundings clean and well lighted. However always keep at hand all the above ingredients as an emergency because these insects are available day and night.

Natural Pest Control – Stay Disease Free

A farmer sprays his vines. He is wearing no protective equipment.

The world is full of pests and so also our homes. Every nook and corner of any house is dominated by these small bugs. They are of no use but definitely irritating to the core. Each of us like to do away with them and here are a few tips t do away with these bugs. It is quite commonly known that bugs are attracted to food and water and so keeping the kitchen clean is of prime importance. So let us now study how to do away with these bugs.


zt-ants-ifc_01One may not know but it is true. The population of ants is such that they can go around the globe over forty times. Ants are found everywhere or one can say where ants are not found. The kitchen counter is the right place to find crumbs of any food and that is enough for these to present themselves. Here are some easy tips to keep these ants away. Please remember these tips are effective. Place cucumber slices at the point of entry of ants. They will disappear as ants have an aversion for cucumber. The same thing can be said about mint leaves. Just place them where the ants are found to be most active. To block the entry of ants just squeeze a few drops of lemon juice on a string and keep it at the entrance. Food items can be kept in a bowl that is half immersed in a bowl of soapy water. This will keep the ants away.


stopmosquitoes_456pxIt is surely one of the most irritating insects and is seen to be most active early in the morning or evening. They do not prefer the breeze and hence find themselves very comfortable in cool and still areas. The most important way to keep them away is to remove any standing water. Water must be changed twice a week if water is being kept for pets and birds. The garden has to be kept clean and should be well drained. Garlic juice mixed with five parts of water can be put in a spray bottle. Shake well before use and the spray a particular area. It lasts for about five to six hours. Neem oil is a safe product to use as it contains salamin a compound which has effective mosquito repelling properties. There is also mosquito repelling candles which when combined with certain oils helps in keeping away mosquitoes.


fly1The common house fly is just about everywhere. Dirty dumps of garbage are haven for them. Stagnant water also suits them best. Come the monsoons and they are just over everything in and around the house. They are the biggest conveyors of disease both air borne as well as water borne. The best way to keep them away is to place sachets made out of cheesecloth filled with crushed mint, eucalyptus or clove. This helps to repel the flies. Place sweet basil near the entrance of the door and it will keep the flies away. Please remember this serves the same for mosquitoes.

Pests are a pain and an irritant. The above tips should help every household and in any season