How to Get Rid of Ants, One of the Messy Pests at Home

Ants: we all know are one of biggest problem specially in summers when they come out from ground and start entering in

Team of ants.

our house from all different ways. It can be a tiny hole in floor, wall, corner from doors, windows or could be ceiling of the house. We usually see black ants & sometime red ants which can fly. Pest extermination is something which is not a cup of tea for everyone. Here are few suggestions to get rid of this problem.

Good sanitation practice

This is one of the essential practices to do in order to keep ants away. Make your home unattractive for ants. They like mess so keeping home tidy will resist their entry in your house at certain point. Keep trash, crumbs, sink and garbage clean all the time. Use cleaning spray to wipe out the cooking and dining area. Make sure all food stuff – especially anything which is sweet should be store in tightly sealed jars and zip-lock bags. They can get into things such as honey jar that have some drops around the lid, so best way would be keeping the jar in a zip-lock bag. It will protect it ants sticking to it.

Ways to find the nest

o-HOW-TO-GET-RID-OF-ANTS-facebookUsually carpenter ants reside in wood and dig through it. The best sign to look for it is little piles of very well saw dust the leftovers of the timber they have chew up through. You will usually find carpenter ant residence in damp moist wood in wood piles foundations, decks, near to your house, tree trunks and gaps between boards, etc. If you take little time to find out where ants are coming into the house, you will find it easy to track them back to the nest. It’s quite easier if you can kill all the ants in sight, and then look for new group of ants to appear to decide their general entry spot. This can give clues to gap that need to close up fast, rotting base where they are living, or cracks under doors they are roaming in.

Observing patterns

Where are they going? Where the group is located? Which are the preferred areas? Freestanding water such as I little wet tissue can attracts thousands of ants. Cross ventilation is important in wet areas for drying the moisture .Wiping kitchen sink on regular basis specially in summers or when you see ants coming to your home Inspect the house inside and outside as they also make the hole bigger and keep digging.

Depositphotos_42737507_sSpraying vinegar and water mixture

Spraying mixture of water and white vinegar in entry and in nest of ants is an effective way to keep the ants away as it has quite strong cent which resist ants entry in home. Spray in all corner and moist area including under kitchen sink. Plain vinegar is mainly used for this purpose but if you have apple cider you can use that as well. Mix half water and half vinegar in spray bottle, shake well and spray. It’s pretty easy to use.

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