Natural Pest Control- a must for every home

Pests have become an integral part of every home both rural and urban. As mentioned earlier ants, flies and mosquitoes are just about everywhere. One can just try any or everything but they still seem to be all over the house. In fact there is no corner of any house that has not been invaded by these pests. Let us now look at some other pests that are here, there and everywhere.

Kaldari_Salticus_scenicus_female_01Spiders: This household pest is seen in different shapes, size and color .Every home has them in the coziest of corners. The best way to do without them is to make a mixture of peppermint oil with liquid detergent and water. The mixture can then be sprayed on cobwebs, corners, lawns and gardens. A combo of coconut oil and white vinegar works very well as a repellant for spiders. It has been noticed that spiders thrive in dark spaces or cluttered places. Hence it should be seen that lesser the places to hide the fewer are the chances of having spiders in the house.

506a3452dbd0cb305d001303._w.1500_s.fit_Dust Mites: These are microscopic like structures that are found in every house. It is most commonly found on beds, clothing, books and stuffed toys. For persons suffering from asthma these microscopic mites are a hazard. The best way to treat them is to wash the bedding at a temperature of fifty five degrees. If the temperature is less than that then it will have no impact on the mites. Stuffed toys should be washed regularly with hot water. Tannic acid reduces the allergens in the mites. It is best to avoid using humidifiers as the mites thrive on warmth.

indexCockroaches; This is one insect that can survive for five days even after the head has been removed. The best way to keep cockroaches out is to keep the kitchen and bathroom spotless .It is advisable to use a vacuum to clean the house. Use of strong detergents can also prove useful. Catnip is a natural repellant for cockroaches. Spraying cockroaches with soapy water can kill them. Cucumber slices, bay leaves and garlic can also serve as deterrents

indexBed Bugs: These are insects that are found commonly in homes and even at times brought in from outside. Nights stay in a hotel can bring in bed bugs into your homes. The best way to keep the house bed bug free is to apply non toxic di tomaceous earth around the bed. All beddings should be washed in hot water at a temperature of one twenty degrees. This will kill any bed bugs in the bedding. Total vacuuming of the bedroom needs to be done if one comes to know that there are bed bugs in the room.

Other insects that are common are wasps, wasps, silverfish and stink bugs. Let us face it. We are surrounded by insects both inside and outside the house. The one thing in common is that to keep the surroundings clean and well lighted. However always keep at hand all the above ingredients as an emergency because these insects are available day and night.

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