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A farmer sprays his vines. He is wearing no protective equipment.

The world is full of pests and so also our homes. Every nook and corner of any house is dominated by these small bugs. They are of no use but definitely irritating to the core. Each of us like to do away with them and here are a few tips t do away with these bugs. It is quite commonly known that bugs are attracted to food and water and so keeping the kitchen clean is of prime importance. So let us now study how to do away with these bugs.


zt-ants-ifc_01One may not know but it is true. The population of ants is such that they can go around the globe over forty times. Ants are found everywhere or one can say where ants are not found. The kitchen counter is the right place to find crumbs of any food and that is enough for these to present themselves. Here are some easy tips to keep these ants away. Please remember these tips are effective. Place cucumber slices at the point of entry of ants. They will disappear as ants have an aversion for cucumber. The same thing can be said about mint leaves. Just place them where the ants are found to be most active. To block the entry of ants just squeeze a few drops of lemon juice on a string and keep it at the entrance. Food items can be kept in a bowl that is half immersed in a bowl of soapy water. This will keep the ants away.


stopmosquitoes_456pxIt is surely one of the most irritating insects and is seen to be most active early in the morning or evening. They do not prefer the breeze and hence find themselves very comfortable in cool and still areas. The most important way to keep them away is to remove any standing water. Water must be changed twice a week if water is being kept for pets and birds. The garden has to be kept clean and should be well drained. Garlic juice mixed with five parts of water can be put in a spray bottle. Shake well before use and the spray a particular area. It lasts for about five to six hours. Neem oil is a safe product to use as it contains salamin a compound which has effective mosquito repelling properties. There is also mosquito repelling candles which when combined with certain oils helps in keeping away mosquitoes.


fly1The common house fly is just about everywhere. Dirty dumps of garbage are haven for them. Stagnant water also suits them best. Come the monsoons and they are just over everything in and around the house. They are the biggest conveyors of disease both air borne as well as water borne. The best way to keep them away is to place sachets made out of cheesecloth filled with crushed mint, eucalyptus or clove. This helps to repel the flies. Place sweet basil near the entrance of the door and it will keep the flies away. Please remember this serves the same for mosquitoes.

Pests are a pain and an irritant. The above tips should help every household and in any season

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