Natural Pest Control


Natural pest control is the safest methods for saving your garden. It is safe for your home, garden and wild life as well. It is a less expensive method than buying and selling pesticides. It also safe for your family and very prevalent in North America. There are numerous North Americans who use it to save their garden, wild life and family. Insecticides develop from contaminated water and polluted garden. They spoil the soil and stop the growth of plants in the garden. It spoils the complete growth of plants and affects the garden area.


The easiest way to prevent insect from your garden is to stop them at the first stage to save your garden. It will give healthy life to your garden and enhance the beauty of it. It will be helpful to fresh and healthy environment in your garden.

  • natural-pest-control-960x450Remove Weak Plants – It is very necessary to remove weak plants from the garden to save all the plants in the garden area. They may affect other plants and spoil the garden.
  • Healthy Organic Soil Building – We have to always put healthy organic soil for the maximum and fast growth of plants. They can be made by natural composting methods, mulching and top dressing the soil with compost and natural fertilizers.
  • Seaweed Mulch or Spray – There has to be timely seaweed mulch and spray in the garden for the long life of plants. Seaweed contains trace elements like iron, sulpher, zinc , calcium which is necessary for the development of plants.
  • Minimize Insect Habitat – A gardener should keep checking the plants time to time for get them save from insects. He should cut the area of debris and weeds which are the places of insect’s growth.
  • Interplant and Rotate Crops – Always plants and crops are planted in mixed manner. It will stop the breeding of pests near crops and help in faster and safely growth of plants.
  • Disinfect – It is very important for gardener to clean the tools before moving onto other garden.

Natural Solutions to Pest Problems

  1. Mix baking soda and sugar in equal parts and powdered them to spread over the area. You will see after sometime all roaches will be disappear. It is good roach killer.
  2. Boric acid is an effective killer for roaches and insects which grow themselves. You have to just spread half table spoon of boric acid and roaches will disappear automatically.variable-ladybird-550
  3. Cloves are natural deterrent against winged pests and the smell is also good. They are better than moth balls.
  4. We can kill fungus growth and insects by the use of neem oil and vegetable oil. It can sometime use on the spot to affect bees. You have to just add neem oil to water and spread it over the affected area.
  5. We can burn citronella candles for mosquito control and it helps the pesky critters.
  6. If you want to keep your garden green and healthy use organic lawn fertilizers. It will also defend itself from weeds and lawn pests.

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